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With 20 years of rich experience, in manufacturing and designing vibration instrumentation VibraSens is continuously serving its customers with best of its products.

What makes our Model 101 the best deal in the today industry?

Why Model 109 is a best deal in the market? 
After 2 years of immense efforts, VibraSens is proud to introduce his compact accelerometer model 109. It is actually the world smallest (dual case isolation with faraday shield) sensor with M12 glass seal connector. Additionally, it has many important features which makes it superior than other such sensors:

Best about Model 125, which makes it a better deal:

We also offer one more sensor, Model 160, that fulfills range of industrial needs because of its unique features:
Smallest sensor among our product range (dia 9mm with frequency range up to 25 kHz) with following characteristics: