In this time of crisis, most people are looking to save money on their vibration hardware. We appreciate that 20 years ago the MIL-C-5015 connector became the de facto standard, and has remained so right up to the present. But the world is moving on, and the M12 connector is now the new standard for industrial sensors and networking.


In this and forthcoming newsletters, we’re going to be explaining just why the M12 connector is the best choice for industrial piezoelectric accelerometers. In the meantime, just start comparing for yourself, and ask us for a quote – or check out our website for an instant quote.

From VibraSens: 5 meters (approx. 16 feet) IP67 overmolded cordset is only € 16.
From Manufacturer (Phoenix contact, Weidmuller, Binder, Escha, etc.): 5 meters (approx. 16 feet) IP67 overmolded cordset is only € 9.

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