VibraSens is focused on the manufacture and design of piezoelectric vibration sensor. Being one of the most technologically advanced companies in the world, it can offer you the best quality price performance on the market. VibraSens keeps all its products up to state of the art technology by continuously investing on its facility and related technological advancements. To better suit your market, we also offer private labeling for all of our product line with two digits modifications in our part number.

Summary of benefits
- Introduced world’s smallest Side connector 4-20 mA Vibration sensor
- Introduced M12 glass seal stainless steel connector for the first time
- Assembled brazed Annular Shear design
- Three special productions :

  1. Mil IP68 overmolded cable
  2. Hermetically sealed TO-5 (dia 9mm) annular shear piezoelectric sensor
  3. High frequency (up to 20 kHz) compact vibration sensors (Hex 14mm) with annular shear design

- IP 68 integral cable available for Teflon cable / sstl conduit / over braided cable
- Special M12 cordset with stainless steel nut
- Ability to supply 500mV/g very low frequency (Down to 0.2 Hz) annular shear piezoelectric accelerometer.
- Compact 4-20 mA Vibration sensor (Hex 22mm) with choice of low pass frequency 3 Hz or 10 Hz. Obsolete compression design only offered 10Hz

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