A new high-temperature cable assembly is ideal for use with differential piezoelectric accelerometers or dynamic pressure transducers usually found in gas turbines.
The cable assembly withstand 260C and interface with a variety of industrial charge-output differential accelerometers having 7/16 27 UNS 2A two-pin threaded connectors.
The model 10.01-D0X-XXX-21 incorporates the VibraSens 600051.01 twisted pair, 316C, differential, low noise treated cable.
The cable is fitted on sensor side with a specifically design connector :

  • 7/16 27 UNS 2A thread
  • AISI 303 stainless steel
  • two high force socket

The other side could be fitted with a 2-pole lemo or any other suitable connector.

A new cable assembly is designed for interfacing with a variety of industrial accelerometers in wet locations typically found in pulp and paper processing environments.
The model 10.01-B13-P03-02-length incorporates a twisted-pair FEP cable and is covered by a rugged AISI 316 L stainless-steel overbraid.
The cable is fitted on sensor side with a specifically design AISI 316L stainless steel MIL-C-5015 two-socket threaded connectors.
On the monitoring side it is fitted with an Amphenol nylon PA6.6 C16-1 connector.
Both connectors use gold-plated contacts and are rated for IP67.
The same cable is also available with MIL-C-5015 three-socket threaded connectors (model 10.01-C13-P13-02-length). Applications are for accelerometers with acceleration and temperature output

VibraSens provides back-to-back comparison calibration (10Hz to 10kHz) of most accelerometer types, ranging from charge and voltage type piezoelectric sensors. 
Test accelerometer output can be single-ended or differential, ac or dc coupled, isolated or grounded. 
System complies with ISO 5347-3. The system is also able to calibrate velocity or displacement sensor.
Computer controlled helps eliminate operator error, enhances repeatability, and ensures optimum signal-to-noise ratio and calibration accuracy. It also helps to reduce the setup time and drastically reduce the cost of vibration transducer calibration.

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