Most of you are used to pay a lot for low frequency 500mV/g vibration sensors ! You should have a look at our proven and reliable  500 mV/g sensors model 101.01-9 with top connector and model 103.02-9 with side connector.


Vibration specialists know that the coaxial TNC connector is the most suitable for route measurements. In addition to M12 and MIL-C-5015 availability, VibraSens has released the model 108 with TNC.

- TNC can be easily repaired in the field
- TNC allows full 360° sensor rotation (swivel mounting)
- TNC is very popular and available from most electronics stores 
- TNC uses low cost RG coaxial cable

In this time of crisis, most people are looking to save money on their vibration hardware. We appreciate that 20 years ago the MIL-C-5015 connector became the de facto standard, and has remained so right up to the present. But the world is moving on, and the M12 connector is now the new standard for industrial sensors and networking.


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