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IEPE, Ind.

IEPE (Integrated Electronic Piezo Electric), Industrial Sensor

Transmission : - need constant current supply (3.5 mA minimum) - only 2 wires are needed for supply and output signal
Applications  : sense vibration commonly found in industrial machinery like motors, fans, pumps, paper machine rolls, wind turbine, ....
Dynamic        : Frequency response from 0.1 Hz to 20 kHz with noise as low as 0.5 ug /√ Hz. Need help choosing the right model ? CONSULT OUR GRAPHS
ynamic        : sensitivities range from 10 mV/g (500 g dynamic range) up to 1000 mV/g (8 g dynamic range).
Physical         : TOP sensors are the most affordable sensors.     Side Sensors are ideal for applications where swivel mounting is required.


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