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About Us

With a wide range of products from industrial piezoelectric accelerometers, vibration sensors, vibration transmitters, signal conditioners to junction boxes, low noise cable assemblies, connectors, accessories and calibration equipment,  VibraSens , an European company, is one of the best designer and manufacturer of Vibration instrumentation with a glorious track record of over a decade especially in harsh and high temperature environment (500°C, 700°C or even more). Our competitive edge lies in the product innovation, competitive price and superior quality. 

modern production facility exclusively engaged in the design and manufacture of piezoelectric vibration transducers, piezoelectric pressure sensor and vibration instrumentations help us to maintain a high quality level in our core business. Our manufacturing and test equipment ranges from basic precision machinery for providing high quality sensor components, to custom-built machinery specifically designed for piezoelectric vibration sensor fabrication. During the years of development we have also built some specifically design systems to test our range of piezoelectric accelerometer. We have developed using ®Labview (National Instrument Trademark) a completely automated shaker test system to check the sensitivity and frequency response (up to 10 kHz) of our piezoelectric vibration sensors. Our controlled process includes laser and microplasma welding, helium leak tester, resistance welding, temperature cycling, high temperature brazing. All those processes and others are strictly controlled by our process specification document. We closely work with one of the best European company specialized in the manufacturing of hybrid circuit for the sensor industry. With this partnership, we are sure to stay ahead of this technology for the years to come. 

Customer satisfaction is VibraSens’s prime objective. Service and dedication towards customers, has earned the company its distinguished clientele & distributors from various industries such as Power generation (Gas turbine, Steam turbine, Wind turbine, Hydro generator), Petrochemical & Pipeline industry, Metals & Mining, Pulp and paper, Waste water treatment, etc. VibraSens has products to cater all the industrial needs of their clients. 

The company has highly experienced and qualified set of professionals, with strong adherence to the quality management system. In order to maintain our international expertise, we closely work with two university laboratories Laboratoire de Chronométrie Electronique et Piézoélectricité (LCEP) (www.lcep.ens2m.fr ) and Laboratoire de Physique et Métrologie des Oscillateurs (LPMO) (www.lpmo.edu) based in Besançon and specialized in Piezoelectricity. We also have the chance to be located in a region where piezoelectricity, microtechnics, microelectronic, mechatronic, microsensors and precision are well known words. Besançon hosts one of the biggest microtechnology fair in Europe (www.micronora.com) devoted to microtechnology and strong of 850 exhibitors from 25 countries. All this friendly environment strengthens our knowledge and gives our company a competitive advantage in the piezoelectric vibration sensor technology. Apart from our outstanding range of products, quality service we also offer private labeling of our products for companies who want to outsource their piezoelectric accelerometer and pressure sensor manufacture, as per their specific market needs. 


VibraSens' mission is:

  • Be one of the European leaders in the manufacture and design of piezoelectric accelerometer and piezoelectric dynamic pressure sensor.
  • Offer innovative piezoelectric vibration sensor for niche market and harsh environment (700°C).
  • Offer private labelling of our products for companies who want to outsource their piezoelectric accelerometer and pressure sensor manufacture.
  • Be the ideal partner in terms of pricing, reliability and technical support.

Need help? We're available at+33 3 63 53 45 10 - Email us atsupport@halothemes.com orlive help
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