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425.01 : Uniaxial Mems Top

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70.00 Grams
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425.01 : Uniaxial Mems Top

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425.01 : Uniaxial Mems Top

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  • Best price  for vibration transmitter.
  • Suit machines with speed as low as  > 500 RPM.  (See model 425.51 if your machine have speed below 500 RPM)
  • Permanent monitoring of the overall vibration to DIN ISO 10816 (New ISO 20816)
  • Two-wire technology
  • Best reliability thanks to lifetime warranty Hermetic sealing (laser welded)
  • Optional temperature output
  • Optional Accelerarion raw output (for waveform analysis)
  • Large choice of connectors/cables for harsh industrial environment : M12 glass seal - Mil glass seal  - Overbraided Integral cable - Protection conduit

Measuring Range : see variants available.

Frequency Range [Hz] :  10  ...  1000  (suit standard speed machine > 500 RPM)
Sensor Type : microelectromechanical system (MEMs)
Analog current output [mA] :  4    ...  20
Ambient temperature [°C] :  -55°C ...  120°C
Protection :  IP67; IP 68;  IP 69K
Material : AISI316L (DIN 1.4404)
Sealing : Hermetic laser welded >IP69K
Weight : 70 gr (2.5 Oz)
Size : Hex 22mm  Height 50mm

Typical applications
continuous trending of overall machine vibration in the rugged environments of industrial machinery monitoring. Direct connection to PLC with 4-20 mA card.

Features-by-features comparison versus competition :
> Check cross reference TAB

Sensor Strengths :
Model 425.01-SR25-3 (25 mm/s RMS with M12 connector) is kept on stock and is worldwide price aggressively.

Model 425.01 offer distinctive configuration for specific market. For example, we can offer a 10mm/s RMS submersible sensor down to 150 metres with overbraided Polyurethane cable ...... 
Model 425.01 is available for OEM specific engraving.
Model 425.51 is available with exactly the same options along with additional full scale values and Atex zone 0 certification.

Datasheets    - English - PDF

Drawings        - English - PDF

Operating Manual - English - PDF
Operating Manual - Arabic - PDF
Operating Manual
 - French - PDF
Operating Manual - German - PDF
Legals:   Country of Origin : France      HS Code : 9031 80 80
204.01                                         -  Adhesive Pad
10.01-A01-E02-31-LL                  -  M12 cable assembly
191.01                                         -  Mounting Stud
  • False Trip ? What is happening ?
    The vibration velocity seems below the full scale range of the sensor unfortunately the sensor output is saturating .....
    MEMs based sensors have limited dynamic acceleration. When these limits are exceeded they have nonlinear output that lead to false trip. Piezoelectic sensors are by nature linear and almost not limited in acceleration range.
    For example some customers exhibit false trip when they encounter pump cavitations, sticking bearings, bearing lubricant failure, ... .

    Recommendations :
    Use our premium MEMs based  (model 425.51) vibration transmitter  with 100 g dynamic.
    Use our premium Piezo based (model 125.01) vibration transmitter with 2000 g dynamic.
  • What Connector / cable is recommended ?
    For standard application; we recommend our M12 epoxy seal connector.
    M12 or Mil glass seal connector is recommended for lifetime hermetic sealing warranty. It is also interesting when harmful gas are present in the process.
    For underwater application we recommend our IP68/IP69K integral polyurethane cable which has been successfully tested down to 150 meters.
    For best chemical resistance, we recommend our IP68/IP69K integral FEP cable.
    For really harsh environment our IP68/IP69K teflon FEP cable with stainless steel overbraid is the perfect solution.
Vibration transmitters Benchmarking table (The below table is part of our knowledge/manufacturer's datasheet and is given for feature-by-feature comparison only)  
< 500 RPM
> 500 RPM 


accel.  is >30 g
& < 100 g

if accel.  is > 100 g


Choice of
Atex Integral cable / 




Raw Output





VibraSens 425.01  No  Yes  Yes  Yes Various  M12-MIL
Glass seal
N/A Yes / IP68/IP69K Yes Yes  Yes

Yes, Welded

Hex 22 - 50mm MEMs Low Cost 
VibraSens 425.51 Yes  No Yes Various Zone 0 " Yes Yes  " "  MEMs Premium
VibraSens 125.01  Yes  No   No Various N/A " Yes Yes  " " Piezo Premium 
IFM VTV 122 No Yes Yes Fixed M12 plastic Zone 2 N/A No No  Yes No for M12  Hex 22 - 63mm  MEMs Low Cost 
Hansford HS40 No N/I  N/I Various   M12 plastic, 
Zone 0 Yes / IP65 Yes  Yes  No No for M12 Hex 24  Piezo Old Compression
Monitran  No N/I N/I Various  " Zone 0  Yes / IP65 Yes  Yes  No No for M12 Hex 24  Piezo old Compression
Wilcoxon PC420 Yes  No No Various MIL Glass seal Zone 0 N/I  Yes Yes  Yes Yes, Welded N/I 

Piezo Premium

N/A : Not available.                 N/I : No information.
Need another cross reference : ask us !  We will be happy to help you. 
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